The Berwaldhallen Concert Hall, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Choir, is part of Swedish Radio and one of the country's most important cultural institutions with a reach far beyond the country's borders. Berwaldhallen is home to the two ensembles, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Choir, both of which are among the best in Europe. Through tours and performances around the world, they have also become important ambassadors for Swedish music and culture internationally! Every year, around 100 concerts are given - in the Berwaldhallen, on tour and every summer the Baltic Sea Festival is also held here. All concerts are broadcast on Swedish Radio, as well as around and outside Europe via the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union. Thanks to the Radio Choir and the Radio Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio can offer its listeners a high-quality cultural programme. Through live broadcasting, everyone has access to music of very high quality and musical experiences that would otherwise be difficult to reach.


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