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I have a clinical background as a chiropractor and have worked for a long time with healthy ageing. Among other things, the world's oldest exercise groups in Nacka 90+, physics manager in clinical studies on dementia at Karolinska University. Particularly passionate about the question of what is the difference between normal and ordinary ageing.
A meeting with Shama Persson - author, coach and model

  Juno met Shama Persson, who runs the Golden Age Models agency. Here she brings together mature models with and without previous experience in the industry. Their goal is to inspire more people to follow...

When can I retire?

  The short answer would be: in addition to adapting to the rules that apply to your employment, your year of birth and your professional sector, you can retire when you are ready. A...

WHO physical activity guidelines

What does the World Health Organization (WHO) say about exercise for seniors? The World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed guidelines on how much older people should exercise to maintain their health. The aim is to strengthen health and...

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